Marketing is changing. Technology and the huge growth of social media engagement has created an opportunity to engage with your clients like never before. There are no more yellow pages on doorsteps. People look online when searching for a business. They search either in a search engine like Google, or within social media like Facebook. Your website and social media presence are the current face of marketing.

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Let us do what we do best! We will showcase your business, your products and your services to your potential clients, while you focus on what you do best!

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Local Business Search: The domination of Google; the rise of ‘Near Me’; and the value of your Google Business Page.
People are actively looking for local businesses and services online. Be found. Look at these trends together: 1. 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017,...
What are your customers saying online
6 Social Monitoring and Social Listening Strategies to learn what your customers are saying online
How do you know what customers are saying about your business and your brand?  You spend all your time and effort running your business. You take pride in your work, wear so many...
Using Analytics to make the best Business Decision
The Most Important Question: What Action did the User Take? [The Value of Analytics]
One of the best ways to determine if a marketing plan is working is with real data. Did people buy the product? Did people visit the event? Did folks show up with a promotion...
Google Preferred Mobile View
Google is Focusing on Mobile so we Should Too. The Increased Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites.
If you have an older website for your small business then this is for you. Over recent years search engine optimization has moved away from specific keyword targeting to a more...
Does Your Website Need a Redesign
Ways to Tell it is Time to Redesign Your Website
The other day we were having an engaging conversation with a potential client about a future marketing initiative. The conversation steered towards a discussion of the existing...

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