The other day we were having an engaging conversation with a potential client about a future marketing initiative. The conversation steered towards a discussion of the existing company website. It was a few years old, was laborious and expensive to update and didn’t convey the passion and vibe of the current marketing strategy and brand nor the social media campaign we were discussing. It was obvious it is time for a change. And change, both in terms of the design and content itself, but also the structure and platform on which it is served to make it easier for the business to maintain and update.

Even with effective social media marketing tools, word of mouth and other marketing methods, a business website remains a vital priority to establish credibility, presence and your core offerings.

A business website helps form a large part of a client’s or potential client’s first impression and willingness to do business with you. A website can give credibility and establish your business roots, it can educate your clients and save you valuable time answering the same questions over and over and it can showcase everything your business has to offer. Your website also often forms part of the flow of capturing your clients contact information or engagement with your various marketing or ad campaigns.

And most importantly, your business website remains in your control. As users of social media platforms, we have no control of Facebook policy or changes to rules or regulations. The same is true for Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and every other new offering that may come online. Your business website changes when you change it. There is something very valuable in managing control of your business presence.

Understanding that a website rebuild takes some effort and budget to move forward, an important question is when is it really time to take the step and move ahead with a redesign?

  1. Does your website meet your clients’ needs and best reflect your business, your products and your services? Is your website presenting you as a credible resource and credible business? As your business may have changed over time, your website may no longer align with your target client’s needs or even target your preferred clients. Has the vocabulary changed? Are you showing off your best work?
  2. Is your website saving you money? Are your staff regularly handling the same questions and processes that could be answered online? Things like: basic store hours; directions, service and product details; forms to streamline standard questions and information needed to serve your clients; FAQ’s; booking request and more. Think of your clients first and help them help themselves to save you administration costs.
  3. Is the look and flow of your website consistent with your brand and other aspects of your business?
    It can be a real disconnect for a buyer to walk into a shop or office and have one experience and then engage online with a different presentation. If your website is slow, broken in parts, displaying old colours or styles while your business is fresh and new then it isn’t serving to support your business story. It can also be a real disconnect for a client to see an engaging social media marketing campaign and then be directed to a website that breaks that flow, or doesn’t reflect the expectations set by the marketing effort.
  4. Does your website work on a mobile phone? The ability for a website to display well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices is an important factor in the market. It is a lead factor in search rankings as well.
  5. Does your website really work? I mean work, work.
    Is it slow to load? 20 seconds. 30 seconds. Gone. Next site.
    Is your website collecting information without a security certificate? Nothing turns a client away faster than a big warning from their browser that the site they are trying to visit is unsecure or has security issues.

    (especially of a computer system) not protected against attack or other criminal activity.
    “an unsecure WiFi network”

  6. Does your website work for your business process? Can you update it when you need to? Do you have access to your website data, images and content to make changes when you need or do you have to go through a painful process to get any changes made? Is the person who previously built it in business? Do you know where it is hosted?
  7. Is your website attracting clients and bringing you more business? It may look attractive, but if your website design, purpose and flow aren’t resulting in more business, then maybe it is time for a review to align your marketing goals with your business website design.Analytics Review Numbers Dropping
  8. Are your clients and potential clients leaving your website and business and moving to other options? If you measure your website analytics (user and visit information) then you have a clear picture of your visitors, which areas of the site they interact with and whether they are staying or leaving after a quick visit. If you notice a downturn in your online engagement, it may be time for a detailed look and a competition review to see what the competition is presenting.
  9. Is your website just outdated? Looking at any website we can all tell if it is fresh and new. Styles change. Trends change. And client expectations change.

Like all aspects of business, a website is a tool that requires regular review and updating. Is it time for an update to your website?

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