If you are a virtual business with a Facebook Business Account that you connected to a new Instagram Account for Business you may want to double check that the address is hidden.

Many small businesses, whether in Calgary or elsewhere, manage their business virtually and don’t display an address. An address is initially required in Facebook but then can be removed. The address seems to still remain in there somewhere because the other day we noticed that a previously entered and removed address was being used for the location of a business on Instagram.

First check if your address is visible:

Open your Instagram Account.

Click Edit Profile.

Scroll down to ‘Business Information’ and click on ‘Contact Options’.

The third option down in ‘Contact Options’ is Address. You may be surprised to find your hidden address visible there and used for the ‘direction’ icon on your Instagram Account.

To remove the address just remove the information there directly in your Instagram Account in the Contact Options Address field.

Now that you have removed the address there is one more checkbox to doublecheck in your Facebook Business Page.

Login to your Facebook Business Account and then click ‘About’ on the left navigation to load your ‘About Page’. In the top right corner click ”Edit Page Info’. Once it opens scroll  down to the Location section.

In the Facebook Business account the address had been removed some time ago and ‘Has a street address’ is unchecked, but this checkbox below was selected. To have some extra confidence that the address is hidden, best to unselect the box marked ‘Customers visit my business at my street address (unchecking this box will hide your street address and check-ins.) in your Facebook Business Account even if you have no visible address showing.

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