Opening Door At any given time there are approximately 5000 – 5500 Realtors and Brokers that belong to the Calgary Real Estate Board.

And every year a large percentage of those enter and leave the industry.

As a Realtor, no matter how talented you are, how much knowledge or experience you have or how exceptional you are at negotiating, it is all irrelevant if you do not have clients.


Realtors meet potential clients many ways including referrals from family and friends, open houses, advertising in print and digital media, searching online or via a specific listing.

At the end of the day, almost every potential client will either find a Realtor online or search for the Realtor or their listing online once they have made a connection. A Realtor’s online presence is a key method for potential clients to research their persona, reputation (including reviews), service offerings and to review listings.

So what are the 6 critical things we believe every Realtor must have to stay relevant online in today’s marketplace?

  1. Website with Local Listings: A user-focused, easy to navigate website that clearly demonstrates a Realtor’s areas of expertise, geography and LISTINGS. Folks want listings and they want unobstructed, transparent access to public listings. They also want to see that you are who you say you are.
  2. Social Media Presence: A social media presence on the platforms potential clients already use. If folks primarily use Facebook or Instagram or Linked In then they expect to find other professionals there as well. Not there or not representing your other advertising consistently? Someone else is.
  3. Google Business Pages: A potential client will have two names and will google both. One has a few results to a website and potentially a broker page. The second has a detailed website and Google Business Page result on page 1 with details, photos, address and reviews. Which one looks more established to you?
  4. Online Listing Advertising: Let’s acknowledge that the local Calgary market place is very competitive. It now takes professional measurement, staging and photography to highlight exceptional properties. A listing presentation that illustrates exceptional online marketing skills is one part of a winning portfolio.
  5. Data: How do you know how your marketing budget is working if it is not measured? Online analytics and social media listening/monitoring are key to having the data to review and adjust to the market.
  6. Content: As many Realtors utilize website platforms/services to host their sites, many have the same content. Why would this base content show up in search results when others have created custom, meaningful client-focused content to attract potential clients?

Every Realtor runs their business differently, but at the end of the day most will rely on an online presence to present their listings, their identity or to attract more clients. Make sure yours stands out. We can help.

Does your business need a website?

When potential clients are looking for you online, or talking about you on social media, are you there to greet them?

Are you optimizing your online presence and maximizing your ROI?

We Can Help

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