Utilizing facebook ads for new listing and sold marketing for Calgary Realtors

The traditional way for many realtors to pursue community based advertising is with targeted ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’ postcards or flyers to community mail routes.

The ongoing use of this practice helps a Realtor establish their history and ongoing sales activity in a given area. We are sure you have seen them in your mailbox or maybe they just hit the recycling bin.
Below is a comparison of the two approaches: Traditional mail vs Facebook ads.


Traditional Mail Postcards: $600, yields approximately 2000 addresses

Cost: Approximately $600 assuming some design time/print costs ($275) and $0.16 mailing cost at Canada Post for an ad run ($324).

Result: The post cards go out per the delivery schedule and you have no opportunity to change the ad once sent. The impact is visual. For a call to action to view the listing, the individual receiving the card would need to look up the URL on a device or call you.
Cost per card: $0.30
We do not know how many people saw the postcard, read the postcard or took action based on seeing the postcard.

Facebook Ads: $600

Cost: Approximately $200 design/social media management costs plus $400 facebook ads.
(I recently ran a community targeted listing ad for a new listing. The result was a $.10-$.12 cost per click at 856 clicks, 10,216 reach and $22,076 impressions to the listing on a $80 ad budget.
If we use more conservative numbers, say even $.20 per click, that equates to 2000 direct CLICKS to view the listing.)
Result: The facebook ad is submitted with daily monitoring of results. The ad could be edited, put on hold or stopped in the event of sale. Results of views can be tracked regularly. You can track how often the ad is displayed, how many people are displayed the ad and how many people are clicking to view the listing details.

If we use more conservative numbers than previous runs to allow for variance, say even $.20 per click, that equates to 2000 direct CLICKS to view the listing on a $400 facebook ad budget.

The result is that for the same base budget of $600, a facebook ad campaign can directly reach more potential buyers with more calls to action to view your listing than traditional print ‘just listed’ postcard advertising. In fact, 2000 people may view your listing rather than just receive your postcard.

Lets give a new approach a try together. Ridgewalk Media can help you learn to run your own ads or run them for you. Call us today to get started or Get in Touch.


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