SEO In a basic sense, SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

It is the buzzword for trying to understand how to get your website or pages to the top page of your favourite search engine.

Over the years Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines have changed their formulas and algorithms to adjust and improve what pages are presented as search results.


What does this mean to you?

  1.  Technical Design
    The overall technical design of your website is a ranking criteria. A responsive website that displays well on phones, tablets and desktops is better received. If you are using forms or any method to capture client data, a security certificate and HTTS are necessary.
  2. Content Structure
    The overall structure and flow of your website is highly relevant. From titles, headings, sub-headings, meta data, image information and other details, the detail of your website structure should align with the content of your website. This detail and deliberate thought to produce valuable structure will reap benefits.
  3. Quality content
    The days of embedding your key words throughout the page to attract search results are over. Content is king. Whether text, imagery, info graphics, video or stories, invest in what speaks to your business and your customers.
  4. Back links and reputation
    When other quality websites link back to your content, social media links are popular for the content you provide or there is high engagement with your content, search engines see this favourably and boost your reputation ranking which in turns improves your status in search results. Quality over quantity every time. This also requires regular review and attention to blogs and posting.
  5. Things change
    You build a great website. Now what? A regular review of your analytics (how your clients interact with your website) helps provide valuable information to guide your business decisions. If one section of your website is hugely popular then there may be a larger business opportunity there than you realized. Incremental review and improvements ensures that your website works meet your business goals.

At the end of the day, your website is a tool so you can increase sales in your business. Make sure it is working for you.

Does your business need a website?

When potential clients are looking for you online, or talking about you on social media, are you there to greet them?

Are you optimizing your online presence and maximizing your ROI?

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